Your Hometown Honey

Millions of bees call our hives home. And, boy, do they ever earn their keep! Honey Eye’m Home is 100% pure, raw, unfiltered honey made by visionary bees with a little help from their keeper—an eye doctor by day. From each harvest, we set aside a limited quantity to “doctor up” with natural flavor infusions. But most of the work and all of the magic are performed by industrious East Texas bees.

Howdy, neighbor! Make yourself at home!


Our Story

Dr P's bees

It all started as a hobby with two hives. The hives were a Christmas gift from Dr. Jeff Pinkerton to his unsuspecting wife, Dawn Klingensmith. (That’s me!) Two hives turned into four, and four into six, and so on, until we had a full-blown apiary consisting of 40 hives in four colonies all around East Texas.

Jeff, an eye doctor, challenged his patients to come up with a name for the apiary, and Honey Eye’m Home was born.

Purveyors of punny honey

Honey Eye’m Home brings you 100% pure, raw, unfiltered honey straight from the hives.

We also offer limited-edition, artisanal flavored honeys to enhance foods, cocktails and teas, as well as made-to-order Bee-spoke Honey.

Bespoke (adj.)—custom-made; made to suit a particular person.

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Your hometown bee brew

Our signature seafoam green hives are divided among three bioregions—farmland, forestland and our own backyard. Each location imparts a distinct flavor profile to the honey produced there. That’s why Jeff and I never blend honey from different hives.

The honey’s flavor and color also depend on the season, the weather and what’s blooming within foraging distance of the hives (clover, wildflowers, blackberries, honeysuckle, sand plums, lavender, peaches, etc.).

Fun fact: Hives must be painted to protect the pinewood; for ours, we color-matched a pale shade of green from a peacock tapestry.


Personal beeswax

While the bees keep us busy, Jeff and I each have a bazillion other things going on. He practices optometry full time, and I make my living writing. Jeff raises chickens and rabbits; I look after the cats and koi. We try to keep things simple.

And yet.

We have a rather ambitious garden. We have more artwork than wall space and more kitchen gadgets than drawer space. We have two homes, in Texas and Chicago.

My love of Chicago notwithstanding, home is where the hives are.

The B-team

Doing our part to save the honeybees.


Jeff—chief beekeeper, swarm trooper, recipe developer.

Dawn—marketing director, tagalong beekeeper, taste taster

Mike and Beverlee—Gilmer colony managers

Rick—spiderman (web master)




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Pure raw honey

Natural raw honey is produced from nectar that our honeybees gather from flowers in one of three East Texas bioregions. It’s pure, unprocessed, unpasteurized and unheated so that all its phytonutrients, enzymes and vitamins are wholly preserved and all the floral essences come through for your indulgence. If you encounter a speck of pollen or natural beeswax, it just means you’ve got the good stuff—flavorful and wholesome!

Our three bee colonies forage on farmland (Gilmer, TX) and forestland (Big Sandy, TX), and in our own woodsy neighborhood (Longview, TX). The farm bees feast largely on clover and make a sweet, flowery honey. The forest bees favor wild berry blossoms and their preference comes through in their honey. Our yard bees work our neighbors’ gardens; hence, their honey varies from year to year depending on the smorgasbord they’re offered but it’s consistently lovely and balanced.

Each colony’s honey has a distinct flavor profile and we would never think of mixing them.

While we encourage you to support your local beekeepers, we do ship nationally.

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Artisanal honeys

Though they undergo a bit of doctoring, our flavored honeys remain unfiltered, unpasteurized and unheated. The flavors are all natural and sourced whenever possible from family farms and businesses. Most of the peppers in our hot honeys come from our own pesticide-free garden.

Our flavored honeys are ideal for cooking, grilling and baking; mixing fancy cocktails; adding sweetness and a hint of flavor to teas; and pairing with cheeses. Bee creative!

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Bee Bazaar

Welcome to bee-Bay! We collect bee stuff and sometimes end up with duplicates or just run out of room and offer some things for sale. We only have one of each item unless noted. Items are new and unused unless marked “vintage.”

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